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Senior Management - Scentre Group


a highly experienced

management team

As a new organisation, Scentre Group has an opportunity to embed a workplace culture that takes the best of the former Westfield Group and combines it with a new purpose. That purpose – creating extraordinary places connecting and enriching communities – is underpinned by our newly articulated DNA.

A leadership team was established following the creation of Scentre Group, known as the Executive Committee. The committee comprises divisional directors and senior managers who had previously been part of the Executive Committee under Westfield Group, and the majority have had extensive experience as part of the senior management team for the Australian and New Zealand operations.

The Executive Committee has been charged with the challenge of moving from the transition phase that defined the second half of 2014 to a period of transformation, bringing to life the new organisation’s purpose. Our leadership team has established clarity and alignment about the goals and priorities of the business for 2015 and beyond, and a critical part of achieving those goals is through a genuinely embedded culture that relies on greater teamwork, collaboration and ownership.

All this requires an even greater need for skilled leadership and Scentre Group places high value on a human resources program that attracts, retains and develops the very best leaders possible. The Group has invested in a range of development and training initiatives for employees at all levels in the business, including programs that build capability in leaders to better work with their teams to deliver superior results.

As a geographically-focused business Scentre Group’s senior executive has been empowered to operate with autonomy in an increasingly nimble environment that allows teams to more efficiently achieve their business objectives. More information about Scentre Group’s human resources can be found at



Scentre Group's senior management team brings experience and stability to our organisation, driving employees to achieve the company's purpose through its DNA.



Executive Team

Peter Allen
Chief Executive Officer

John Batistich
Director Marketing

Mark Bloom
Chief Financial Officer

Tonya Carter
General Manager Leasing & BrandSpace NZ

Andrew Clarke
Director Finance Operations & IT

Eamonn Cunningham
Chief Risk Officer

Janine Frew
Director Human Resources

Paul Giugni
General Counsel

Andy Hedges
Director Shopping Centre Management

Dudley Heywood
Head of Tax

Ian Irving
Director Design & Construction

Peter Leslie
Director Leasing

Justin Lynch
Director New Zealand

Maureen McGrath
General Counsel, Compliance & Secretariat

John Papagiannis
Director Development

Linda Trainer
General Manager Shopping Centre Management NZ

Stewart White
Director Development

Richard Williams

John Yates
Head of Security